Mr. Alex Nowrasteh has a compelling argument in his May 11 column in the Daily Times. He seems to rejoice in the fact that fewer than 2 percent of the illegal aliens are criminals. That is a figure derived from those apprehended. First of all, a criminal would probably try harder not to be apprehended. Secondly, what is an acceptable number of criminal aliens in our country (say state, county, city)? 

It is beyond me why the Congress cannot get back to work to make the process of seeking asylum a straightforward and accessible system without the constraints of the laborious due process laws now in existence. There has to be a better way.

James Coulter,



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Mary Lou Shelton

you are quite correct that the process is in disarray, and has been needing reform for many years. but as to the 2% figure, I suspect he cited that to counter comments from trump and his ilk that we are being flooded with criminals. you know, those murderers, rapists, and ebola carriers that he likes to bray about. gene

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