So why do children and adults have to die?

I am appalled at the Dems and the House. They are the smoking gun causing the death of all of the illegal immigrants. If they (House Majority) had worked on a non-partisan bill to resolve the border problems, none of this would be happening. With sanctuary cities exploiting the fact that if you come here you will be in “The Land Of Milk and Honey,” why wouldn’t they come? To those representatives in the House not willing to fix our border problem, the illegal immigrants’ blood is on you! For so long, the Dems refused to admit there was a crisis on the border, although the administration has been sounding the alarm for months and months. I hope they can sleep at night!

Rick Louk, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

Mr. Louk, not exactly sure what setting our border problems would involve, but this border stuff has been going on for over 60 years. Both republicans and democrats are to blame for not reaching some form of agreement. And our outgoing rep Lamar smith was instrumental in blocking what would have been a really good bill years ago as he was against fining those who employed illegals. blood on the democrats hands indeed. what a blindly partisan statement that defies reality. I could say that the tightening of the border has forced people to seek more dangerous routes, therefore the blood is on Steven millers hands. frankly, that is probably more accurate than your statement. but the issue is far more complicated than that, so I won't assign simple minded blame for deaths. gene


I agree with you in principle, Gene. Both sides are complicit. But currently, all of the Democrat candidates have embraced open borders and policies that encourage illegal immigration.


Rick; so why is the number of asylum seekers the highest "ever" since your boy Trump took office?


Because Enemies of America have conspired to send thousands of people north to invade our border on Trump's watch. These people could not have reached our border in these numbers without help. It was coordinated and organized.

Mary Lou Shelton

armadillo, I see you still prefer plots to everyday reality. in you other post, all the women are lying and the democrats paid them, even though at least 2 were paid off. and the march away from poverty and despair is all orchestrated and paid for, just to steal our country and make trump look bad. and of course obama could not be president, yet he was for 8 years. pretty good example of self deluded thinking. gene


Can we for once stop arguing on who is to blame and just fix the problem.

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