Let’s change directions

America has descended into a precarious place — chaotic and weak, for all the world to see. If you can, erase from your mind any political affiliation, and concentrate on how far we, as a nation, have drifted. Americans are all patriots. How can we resolve the decline? What can each of us do — no matter how small — to reverse the direction in which we find ourselves?

Kathie Shuler, Kerrville

Rethink animal shelter hours

Concerning animal shelter opinion: I can’t believe we’re still talking about this, but I say we need the shelter open on Saturday as it’s plain that it’s needed. Why would they think it wouldn’t be advantageous? A lot of people must wait til all the family are off, kids are out of school and/or they have more time on a Saturday than during the week. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking to decide on keeping Saturday as an alternate day to let families have a chance to see the animals available. Close a weekday if you must. I understand they have enough volunteers to help — enough already! Do it!

Jan Taylor, Kerrville


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Pesky mouse was denied his cookie. Now he is expected to go home and never come back again. Has he learned his lesson, or will he come back and demand the entire cookie jar along with a jug of milk?


Ms. Taylor, I agree, but at this point I think it is less about the animal shelter and more about power. The CC has never been challenged like this before, and if they let you get away with it, you may come back and start asking questions about money, or other issues. The local GOB has a saying, stolen from a children’s bedtime story. They say “never give a mouse a cookie”. If you give a mouse a cookie, then he will come back and want a glass of milk. You are now seeing how the system works. The pesky mouse can’t have his cookie, because the end game is money and if you think you are seeing resistance with the shelter, go ask CC where the $84,000.00 per month the Sheriff claims he is earning for county through hosting out of county prisoners is.

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