Kudos to KDT for honoring peace officers

I commend the Times Editorial Board for its Aug. 8 piece, “We’re grateful for our peace officers.”

Without law-enforcement officers, the rule of law would be only an academic theory.    

Robert R. Barton, Retired District Judge, Kerrville

We have a new task force: Villains won’t have a chance  

In reaction to some recent violent tragedies motivated by some extremist ideologies, Gov. Abbott has appointed a select task force of Texas notables like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen & many others to watch and/or investigate Texans who present a potential danger to society. 

High priority to be watched are villains like The Joker, The Riddler and Skeletor. Also, Clark Kent aka: Superman nemesis General Zod will be under increased scrutiny. Lex Luther is leaving America to live in a country without an extradition treaty. 

Go get ‘em. 

John Johnson, Kerrville

Feral cat or terrified cat?  

I was thrilled to read the front page story on 8-12-19 detailing the successful efforts of Kerr County Animal Services to reduce the number of animals being killed in their shelter. I was, however, saddened to see that 340 cats deemed “feral” have already been killed this year. My understanding is that once a cat is labeled “feral” it is placed in separate room and scheduled to be killed. My question is, what kind of professional training does the decision-maker have that enables her or him to determine whether the cat, presented in a trap, is feral or just terrified? There are many cases where a cat is labeled “feral”, but if given a chance, can become a loving pet. I have many on my property that fit this description. Other people in the community do also. 

I know Animal Services is limited by space and personnel. They also have to consider liability issues. I just would like to see professional evaluations done on cats before labeling them”feral” and sentencing them to death.

Susan Dennis, Kerrville


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Judge Barton, thank you for your letter. In my opinion, your position falls short of what is needed in Kerr County. We continually shower our local officers with symbolic gestures. We wear blue tee shirts, tie yellow ribbons on trees, and give them words. While this is good stuff, it is only window dressing. If we really appreciate our officers, we need to pay them more and give them job security through the right to collective bargaining. This won’t happen without of fight because the GOB has control over policing, not to mention the trial courts, and this is too valuable to give up. I say enough words, give then more money and a contract to show appreciation. What do you say about a police contract and a pay increase?


Now watch the GOB put the megaphone down and go silent. KPD, KCSD and Fire, they don't want you to have significant pay raise. They don't want you to have a contract. They do want you on a very short leash. Who in this town really supports the police beyond just lip service?

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