First and foremost: Thank God and all who prayed for our baby to get well. My family thanks you profusely, my son and daughter-in-law thank all profusely. More letters will be written. 

Secondly, in ’04 I wrote the obituary for my mother Vivian Stein McCown. Being a “genealogy nut,” I had to include everything. Since then, learned that the name from one of my father’s families that I was told was Italian is not; it’s Ashkenazic from Belarus with Sephardic roots from many moons ago. One day I hope to get back into genealogy, but “too many irons in the fire” as always. 

Again, thanks to all who prayed for special intention — from the Protestant friends to people from H-E-B, to HSK, to the Cross, to UPS by H-E-B; so to the plumber, the carpenter, the mechanics, the law office (I only use an attorney for will), Notre Dame and Monsignor Bouilette for another Miracle from God, and many people I don’t personally know. 

When we pray for a child in this family, we pray for all children. Please include two children I don’t know but have been asked to pray for them: Ethan and Knox.

Frances Wimberly, Comfort


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