We should slow down, pay as we go

As I read the frontpage news about going into debt $10.5 million to fix roads and drainage, I’m in shock. Why would I be in shock? How about the 1/4-cent sales tax we voted on in 1992 to pay for such things? 

Way, way back, the city approached the citizens and stated we had a number of bad years and need this sales tax to pay for things like streets, drainage, fire engines and the like. So many citizens said ‘Sure, what a good idea.’ I voted against it.

So, what we have today is we spend the 1/4-cent tax on everything but what it was intended for and raise the debt to pay for it. When you finance something, just go ahead and double the cost, because that’s what it’s really going to cost. Before we get these improvements paid for, we will be repairing or replacing them   

Why don’t we slow down and pay as you go, or maybe use the tax for what it was meant for.

Donald Kampfhenkel, Kerrville


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