Being in a hurry can cause trouble

Regarding the Monday, July 29 letter on the Opinion page, I would like to say to the writer, no it is not just you, Larry, who is fed up with the traffic lights at the section of Texas 27 and Goat Creek Road Cutoff. 

I have had those feelings myself. Not about that particular intersection, but with many other situations. It can be a pain, as you said. But getting in too big a hurry can cause more pain, to yourself or others. I once advised a friend of mine who would go out of her way to get to where she was going, to slow down (Her driving scared me plenty after she picked me up one day to take me for lunch. It was on my birthday a couple years ago). I told her that waiting is a good time to pray. I try to remember to take that advice myself. It gets easier with time. We can all get in to much of a rush sometimes, or get distracted while driving. That caused someone I know to run into a stopped garbage truck. It didn’t kill him but he sure was in a lot of pain for a while. 

Claire Gilmore Nelms, Kerrville 

Oppose mandatory microchips

If it is unconstitutional for the Federal government to force the public to buy a certain product and or pay for a certain service ... how can the city or county force, by law, pet owners to purchase chips for their pets, and pay a vet to install them?

I think the citizens of this county agree. chipping your pets is a smart idea. I do not think this measure should be mandated by another Nanny Law. Do we have an attorney of note in the area that will stand up? I’m tired of government mandates and costs. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.   

James “Jimmy” Lee, Mountain Home

Reflections on Sam Walton

I enjoyed Kent Calhoun’s July 27-28 column about meeting Walmart’s CEO, Sam Walton, and learning his predilection for shutting down Kmart stores. Indeed, he frequently opened Walmart stores adjacent to or nearby Kmarts.

The grand opening of his latest Walmart across the street from the Kmart in Sterling, Colorado, was no exception. As publisher of the Sterling Journal-Advocate daily newspaper, I noted the editorial calendar for the day included interviewing Walton at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Wanting to meet legendary Sam, my editor chose the assignment for himself.

He asked Walton, “Do you attend all Walmart grand openings?” Sam replied, “Heavens no, ...only stores which will put another Kmart out of business shortly.”

The Kmart store closed in seven months.

Bill Muldoon, Kerrville


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