On a weekly basis, we’re going to use polling and questions to see what you think about progress in Kerrville, the state of Texas, some national issues and some that may seem kind of silly. 

However, we want to use this data to open discussions about the direction of the community and the good and the bad impacting our daily lives. We’ll use polling from dailytimes.com and from social media — mostly Facebook. We’ve already been doing this for several weeks and we’ve come up with several interesting storylines to follow. 


When it comes to Kerrville’s biggest needs, the affordable housing situation is clearly on the minds of a large number of our readers. We ran the poll asking our readers what was Kerrville’s most pressing need for most of last week. We had 209 respondents, who could only choose one answer.

Of those respondents, 40% said affordable housing was Kerrville’s biggest need — right now. That was followed by fixing roads and infrastructure 21% and low wages 15.3%. We even asked about fried chicken and 7% said there are not enough fried chicken places. 


Earlier this month, we asked a question entitled: “How confident or pessimistic are you about the likelihood that Kerrville will be a great place to live, work and raise children in 20 years?”

In that poll, 349 people responded and they seemed pretty well split between confidence and angst. In the confidence segment, 46% said they felt good about where Kerrville would land in the next 20 years. However, 38% said they were pessimistic, and of those pessimists, 41% said they were extremely pessimistic about the future. 

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