‘Mamma Mia!’ a hit

‘Mamma Mia’ The highlight of the play at the Point Theatre in Ingram Friday night was a single mom raising a daughter not knowing who the father was, narrowed to three men. The daughter wanted to know before her wedding at 20 years old. The play was a musical featuring the music of ABBA, a soft-rock band of the 1980s. The play also leads a look at the life of a single mom with a “surprise package.” My favorite songs were “Money Money’,” “Dancing Queen,” “Knowing You Knowing Me, “ “Take a Chance on Me” and “I do I do.” The dancers pranced and the actors were genuine. The daughter and her mother had a duo wedding in the end. I admire single moms. My niece is married and gave birth to a son, Robbie, on June 20, named after his grandfather

Beth Bradley, Kerrville

Guns: The problem

Gun violence, “ bitten by a good dog.” So many people want to focus on the murderers and their “mental health.” That is a diversion. 

The man I know who shot and killed his wife did it during a fight. The only thing different from every other fight where he didn’t kill her was a gun that was handy. The man I know who was shot and killed by his friend was having a fight with his friend who went in the house and got a gun.  Without a gun it might have just been a fist fight. 

When my ex-husband looked me straight in the eye and said he would shoot me, I held my breath, and when he left, I gathered every one of his guns and took them to my brother’s to be locked up. I’m alive today because I took his guns! 

Guns are the problem. Normal people fight, normal people get sad or broken hearted, normal people get drunk and stupid. All those things do not need to end in death! It’s the guns! The gun manufacturers make more money every day after! Think about that! Mass shootings are good business! Their advertising pushed the button, “tomorrow you may not be able to buy a gun!” Eventually that is what we will have to do when enough people wake up to the reality that the actual problem is the gun.

Dorothy Brundrett, Kerrville

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