Too much spent on elections

Where is the outrage about the millions of dollars all candidates have collected to buy positions in Washington?

Give them one hour free time on TV. If one cannot say it in one hour, it’s not worth hearing. 

Let’s have all candidates meet at our borders, millions in hand, and build hospitals, sanitary waiting areas, more judges, border patrol, etc., to process people. Even a wall.

America has problems. There are solutions if we just had a government who works together. 

Anarchy anyone?

Maxine Burleson, Kerrville

Service animals are the only exception 

Dear Friends, I am writing this as a courtesy to those of you who have emotional support dogs that you take with you everywhere. Please be advised that these animals are not recognized by the ADA as service dogs. They can be turned away at any place that is not pet-friendly (including restaurants, amusement parks, fairgrounds). A recent situation came up with a couple who tried to insist (and even tried to force their way in) that their dogs had to be accepted at the fairgrounds in Fredericksburg. They even went so far as to call the police to try to make their point (this to no avail). They were escorted out. Sign posted that state “no pets or no animals except service animals” mean just that. Please, if your dog (or horse or whatever) is not ADA-certified and trained, do not try to insist on taking it places. You may just be wasting a trip. Look it up and save yourself an argument.

Lois Underwood, Kerrville


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