The opening of Kerrville’s Hobby Lobby is another example of economic development in the area. 

Success builds on success. 

Don’t lose that thought. I’ll come back to it in the paragraphs below. 

At the Hill Country Economic Summit scheduled for Feb. 13 at the Kerrville Youth Events Center, we’ll be providing a snapshot of economic development project activity and how we’re seeing a shift in the quality of projects coming to our region. 

And this level of activity is no accident. 

The process of getting Kerrville popping with activity started in 2018 with the inception of the 2050 Comprehensive Plan. The plan eventually filtered down to the economic development group, which last year ran with it. 

We picked up the 2050 baton and have since rolled an economic development roadmap for the next two years. The roadmap provides detailed information on industry sectors for Kerrville as well as the “how” we will be recruiting within those industries.  

In it is also a marketing strategy for recruitment of new companies as well as developing our existing industry, specifically those in light and advanced manufacturing. Workforce is a major component of the roadmap, particularly on the training and lifting the skillset of our local population.  

Another keyword is culture. Theresa Metcalf, our team’s manager of Business Retention and Expansion, will discuss the importance of developing a proactive culture, which is quickly becoming one of the pillars of economic development nationally. 

Also at the Summit, we’ll have the opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with Texas Workforce Commissioner Julian Alvarez. He will be providing an insight into workforce trends in our state and what it means for our region. 

We’ll be discussing how Texas continues to be the No. 1 state for economic development in the United States and what it means for Kerrville. At last year’s Summit, we touched on how the Austin-San Antonio corridor was identified as the Next Great American Metropolis and why the Hill Country was in a perfect position to see growth from it. 

Today, we’re living it. 

The growth we’re experiencing such as commercial activity, sales tax revenue and new housing developments are unprecedented at this point in time and much is tied to the burgeoning activity just to the northeast of us. 

And here to say … it’s about to get busier. 

Coming back to my success comment. 

There is no secret to economic development. In our field, we’re tasked with creating an environment that is conducive for businesses to operate in and families to live in. In turn, companies will establish in those communities. 

And companies like to locate in cities that have a track record of success. 

Success likes to follow and build on success. 

That’s our endgame for Kerrville. 

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