Recently, there have been some letters complaining about real estate values going up, resulting in increased taxes. However, we all want our values to go up without paying more taxes. The answer is to lower the tax rate, as values go up, to bring in the same amount of tax revenue as the previous year. This should be requested at the various taxing agencies that depend on real estate values for their income; not the appraisal district.

The appraisal district must base their values primarily on comparable sales data. Our Texas Comptroller is in charge of making sure correct appraisal data is being used. This ensures that appraisals, across our state, are uniform — the very reason appraisal districts were formed in the first place.

So if values go up, as they tend to do, the tax rate should be reduced to avoid our ever-increasing real estate taxes. New construction and new developments, added to our tax rolls, could be another incentive for reducing the tax rate, giving more consistency to the amount of taxes received.

John Crews, Kerrville


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