Yes, terrified can be taken for feral

This letter is in response to a letter written on Aug. 16 by a Ms. Susan Dennis of Kerrville. The title: “Feral Cat or terrified cat?” 

I simply agree wholeheartedly with Susan. I, too, have so called “feral cats” on my property who are scared of people for a probably good reason. I feed them and they pose no problem to my own five cats that I have rescued from the woods. They also were “terrified” when they came, but with food and kind words, they eventually let me pet them. Then with vet care and neutering, they have become my beloved pets.

I would hope that someone with training — or at least common sense and patience — would be available to help the “feral” cats captured become loving pets. I realize that budget limitations may be the culprit for exterminating 340 cats so far this year, but in lieu of hiring an expert, maybe someone could volunteer to help determine whether these “terrified” stray cats really need to be put to death.

Ingrid Kulbeth, Ingram

Advance notice of Chip Roy public forum would have been nice

I read with interest your editorial board commentary on the visit of Congressman Roy ... ”a political leader who is looking to work for the best interests of his constituency — and not partisans.”

I wonder about that. In a separate article the Daily Times reported that the Congressman held a town hall meeting with the public at Schreiner. Interestingly, there was absolutely no advance mention of that meeting in the Daily Times. Who would have known about it? Apparently, just the partisans on Mr. Roy’s mailing list. Certainly not those of us who are not on that mailing list. 

Come on, Daily Times, do your job. Make all the constituency aware of town hall meetings in our community when our Congressional representative pays us a visit. Otherwise, it seems pretty partisan, in spite of your editorial protestations.

Ted Owen, Kerrville


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