There was a lot of business being done on Saturday at the Hill Country Youth Events Center, and that says a lot about where this community is headed. 

The annual Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo proved to be a hit, not only for businesses but also for residents who learned first-hand that there are many services and businesses right here. No need to drive out of town, but you can find a friendly face right here in Kerrville and our surrounding Hill Country communities. 

Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Walt Koenig was engaged non-stop with the hundreds of people who were at the expo at any one time, and his measurement of success was clear. 

“There was a lot of business being done here today,” Koenig said. 

With more than 140 vendors on hand, visitors were introduced to everything from the Museum of Western Art to the local radio stations to banking services. Visitors also learned about the local radio stations, how to volunteer, or where to buy cool things for the house or wardrobe. 

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of participating businesses. There’s quite a few that I have never heard of before,” said Kerrville resident Samantha Rathke, who was perusing the offerings.  “It was great to see some new faces and learn some things about businesses in Kerrville. I think I will be more inclined to visit new stores, new businesses around town. Now that I’ve seen a little bit and found out a little bit more about what their businesses represent.”

Rathke’s response was perfect in the way that the expo was designed to connect business to potential customers, and showing them about the viable options to keep their dollars in Kerr County. 

A community is what we make it. If we want this community to thrive, one of the first steps is keeping our dollars here and by supporting local businesses. In turn, it’s paramount for the local businesses to provide top-notch service to retain those local customers. 

Our business community is also a gateway to bringing in new people to our area, and we should remember that this is becoming an attractive area for many to relocate and call home. 

“I’ve been here a month, so I came to the expo to become more familiar with the businesses here in Kerrville,” said Edith Garza. “This was very informative, and it was also great to see the friendly faces behind these businesses and so it’s given me an opportunity to see the services available and also meet business owners or employees who work for these places. So now there’s a few places I’d feel comfortable walking into. I feel like I’m going to know a friendly face.”

Garza’s comments should be considered and her experience was definitely positive. 

Saturday proved to be a good day for all and this is just another example of the positive momentum this community has moving forward.

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