Kudos to Rep. Roy

Freshman Congressman Chip Roy stood alone on the House floor to object to a $19 billion dollar disaster aid package on May 24. Why was he alone? Because Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to recess the House, even though she knew the bill was on its way from the Senate. The bill that would have passed had Congressman Roy not objected included no emergency funding to address the crisis at our southern border. Speaker Pelosi, along with the Democrats, have long denied that there is a crisis at our Texas border, and at the same time, have insisted that there is no money to satisfy the funding requests from the White House. There is no reason that this disaster aid package should not include $4.4 billion in humanitarian aid to ensure that DHS and HHS have the necessary funding to manage the over 200,000 illegal immigrants being apprehended.

Congressman Roy is doing in Washington what he was sent there to do –

Drain the Swamp!

Leslie Bell, San Antonio


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Mary Lou Shelton

yes, there is doubt and chipper is now the personal hero of all those in affected zones, and all the few remaining tea party obstructionists. gene

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