Be nicer, have respect, honor the Golden Rule

I was standing in line at CVS waiting for my Rx last week. A large man with dark hair and a beard proceeded to yell at the service person and the pharmacist about having to come at different times for the prescriptions and he was tired of this and will go somewhere else. (You know who you are! Shame on you)! Shouldn’t you have a discussion with his doctor about when the Pharmacy can fill the Rx?

Later I ran into the person he was yelling at and told her I was so sorry. She said that seven of 10 people are rude to the staff. One patient person suggested distemper shots when a woman was going off about her Rx.

How sad that people are so rude and impatient. Life is becoming so stressful and people who serve us can only do so much. But who would want to serve people if they treat you so? We need service folks. How would we get anything done without them? It’s becoming expensive to live here so we need to take care of those who are willing to serve us knowing their wages aren’t the highest.

Wait, what about the golden rule? What about basic respect? No matter what side of the counter you are on. How is being crabby going to change anything? We have enough in our own lives to be crabby about. Who needs someone else being rude and disrespectful?

So when you go to CVS or any other establishment where you are being helped, remember honey gets you more than vinegar and spreads around better.

Be nice! 

Jan Zenner, Harper

Here are groups promoting random acts of kindness

I had heard about doing random acts of kindness as a way of life. I liked the idea and realized that I have been doing this for some time. It is doing little acts of kindness for people I know and total strangers without expecting anything in return. A friend told me of hosting some people that belong to Gross National Happiness that were on a walk across the United States. Then I discovered there is an actual organization. In fact there are several. I have been looking them over online and may join at least one. 

It is all about spreading happiness!  

   Lucy Sim, Kerrville

Grateful to health care providers

Two of my late friends were instrumental in creating the Houston Medical Center, the largest in the world, by a factor of four. Prior to moving to Kerr County, I received most all medical care in that “city within a city,” staffed by over 100,000 professionals.

As a Kerr County resident for the past 20 years, I have received primary care from nurse practitioners at the VA and specialized care equal or superior to that received at the Houston center. Therefore, I want to thank the VA hospital for excellent primary care and Peterson for specialists.

Another key factor is access, as when using the Houston center, if you can find a parking space, you have to walk across a walkway to another building, use one escalator and elevator, so when arriving at the medical office, you feel as if you earned a piece of cheese. However, the services at the Houston center attract patients world-wide and deserves utmost respect.

As an ordinary citizen I am grateful for the men and women who were willing to spend 12 years in education and training to obtain an MD degree. The typical medical professional enjoys a superior financial status to me, and they deserve it.

In summary, if the media would use “intelligent” instead of “rich” it would create more logical opinions regarding contributions to society.

Truett Airhart, Kerrville

Is this real life?

PBS Sunday, 10/6/19, British Drama Script: “There comes a time when we must take a stand. What is our stand? Are we in a pickle now? We’ve tried to be normal again, but we just can’t do it! I need a break, or I’ll go mad. Bugger!”

With British Boris Johnson or American Donald Trump the chief protagonist in the respective national drama, we are all, willingly or not, quietly or not, cast members in the British or American masterpiece theater.

Richard Sinderson, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

that wasn't me either at cvs. but if 7 of 10 people are rude, that would tell me something about the service, not the people. Gene

Mary Lou Shelton

good letter Truett. we pay too much attention to money, while the contributions of intelligent people are often ignored. how often we hear the phrase, if you're so smart, how come you aren't rich? pretty much all the major contributions to the advancement of our society came from smart people, most who never had much money till late in their life. gene


I too have been a victim of the Kerrville CVS on multiple occasions. The last time plus an additional 30 minute wait. Each time I was advised "come back in 45 minutes (common antibiotics). On the third trip, I said I was going to wait- that seemed do the trick. We are required by our health insurance to use CVS. You can call corporate or email:,

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