Not counting only citizens in census violates law 

Three federal judges and the U.S. Supreme Court have denied inclusion of a citizenship question in the census.

The sole reason of the constitutional requirement for an enumeration is to determine the number of representatives and electoral votes for each state. It is to determine the number of “people of the state,” not people in the state. Whenever “people” or “person” or “persons” or” citizen” or “citizens” is used in the Constitution, it is always referring to “people of the state” as in “We the people” or citizens. It is not referring to people in the state, only people of the state.

The election of the president is by popular vote within each state, winner gets all the electoral votes. The people do not vote directly for president in a national election. It is the states voting with their electoral votes, as sovereign members of a federation, that determine the winner. That is to say the U.S. government deals with the states, not the individual people of the states.

The Constitution does not allow for a monopolist, overpowering central government acting as an unnecessary second layer of domestic government with primacy over the sovereign member states in our federation. It would be far better for the individual people for the states to compete for the best environment for business and for people to live the best lives they can.

Without a citizenship question the constitutional requirement will not be met.

Richard Monts, Kerrville


Pathway to healing: Adios, vapers! 

For 20 years I have smoked cigarettes. I switched to vapers the last two years. Now I have beat the habit with a nicotine patch healing swab.

For two weeks I have had congestion and a hacking cough. I went to the doctor and was told I may be allergic to the vapers.

Say NO to smoking products! I am taking Mucinex and antibiotics. I also am on a 1-week NicoDerm patch.

I am standing up for Sue and Ann, in their memory, to warn people of the painful addiction and health hazard of nicotine.

Sue died from emphysema three years ago and Ann took her life eight years ago.

Thank you for prayers from friends and family.

Beth Bradley, Kerrville


Needs of Americans are paramount 

A local liberal seems to think that the needs of migrants are paramount. She blames ICE and the DOJ for not caring for thousands of noncitizen children in a manner befitting American children. So how many of these children has she volunteered to care for?

First, noncitizens’ needs should not outweigh our citizen’s needs, regardless of the situation. Americans expect their government to protect them. The lice and flu outbreaks were not spontaneous occurrences due to unsanitary conditions created by agencies unequipped to handle the migrant invasion. The migrants brought those conditions with them.

Second, ICE statistics indicate that as many as 87 percent of migrant children do not cross the border with their biological parents. They are being separated from the adults for their own safety.

Third, all the hand-wringing over the consequences of separation and neglect are precisely why these children should be sent home, not farmed out to American families to further increase the burden to the American taxpayer.

My humanity sleeps soundly at night, knowing that my government has its priorities straight; protecting us from human trafficking, illegal drugs, rampant disease and infections and outside forces bent on destroying the American way of life.

I do lose sleep, however worrying about liberals whose priorities do not seem to lie with our citizens, but rather with establishing a socialist democracy.

Charles Holder, Kerrville


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(5) comments

Mary Lou Shelton

Mr. Holder, How do you know the writer was a liberal, she may have been on those very rare birds here in the hill country, a compassionate conservative. And an intelligent one to boot. Gene


There is nothing compassionate or conservative about encouraging illegal immigration or ignoring the American taxpayer in the immigration discussion.

Mary Lou Shelton

I believe she was talking about the care of the individuals, not the policies regarding immigration. gene


she was talking about the emotional problems of children being separated their parents which is not our problem. 83% of the children are not even with their parents. The insane immigration laws are directly related to the problem of encouraging illegal immigration.

Mary Lou Shelton

thats what I said arm. she was talking about the emotional problems that will occur due to how the children are treated. whether they are with their parents or not is completely immaterial. just more evident of the bankruptcy of thought of todays republican party. always set up the smokescreen, the straw man, the false equivalents, and of course, the its not our problem so why should we worry. yep, good old short sighted logic. gene

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