County commissioners approved a construction change order for the East Kerr County Center Point Wastewater Project during their meeting Monday.

The change order includes some items such as wastewater treatment materials and devices, landscaping modifications, lift station design changes, gas line repairs and fence work.

The original contract price for the project amounted to $29,898,570 and would have taken 760 calendar days to complete. Previous change orders, however, deducted $2 million and 40 days. With this new change order — which is $199,610.67 and adds 39 days of work — the new contract total is $28,022.235.11, with the project taking 839 days for completion.

The project will be completed on Feb. 17, 2020.

The commissioners also approved hiring attorney John Carlson to help with a 100-year-old fund, which was created to help with road work in precincts 1 and 4.

The fund, which is in the bank and amounts to somewhere between $150,000 and $160,000, is losing money out of the principal, according to County Attorney Heather Stebbins.

"I am not an expert in trusts and reached out to John Carlson to help advise me about what the county can do," Stebbins said. "He is glad to represent the county in terminating that trust so that it can be invested."

Carlson would be compensated by an amount not to exceed $3,000, paid for through the county attorney's office.

"We're really not holding up our end of the ... responsibility here, so we've got to do something," said Commissioner Harley David Belew, precinct 1. "Otherwise it's just going to dwindle away in the bank."

Another item discussed was that of Thursday meetings. Commissioners agreed to stop holding the usual Thursday morning meetings, as state legislature decided it was no longer required of county commissioners.

"We'll probably keep doing the Thursday meetings some other time, depending on the pleasure of the court," said County Judge Rob Kelly.

He added that sometimes he likes to have the extra opportunity to talk with the commissioners.

Since the agenda was already posted, Thursday’s meeting will take place.

Also, as with all holidays, commissioners discussed the sale of fireworks in the county, deciding that that they will be allowed except for missiles with fins and skyrockets with sticks.

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