Kerrville City Hall

The topic of semi trucks will drive the conversation tomorrow at the Kerrville City Council meeting.

Council members will decide whether or not they will prohibit "any truck or tractor-trailer combination which has dual or tandem rear axles" from driving through roadways that have been marked with signs saying as such.

The new ordinance would not apply to trucks making pick-ups or deliveries to locations on the affected street.

As of right now, the sole place that could be affected is Riverhill Boulevard, from Medina Highway to Bandera Highway, but if council decides to pass the ordinance, it leaves open the possibility of adding more areas if the need arises.

"(Heavy trucks) are using the Riverhill Boulevard as a shortcut, (and) that's not a healthy environment for resident neighborhoods," said Delayne Sigerman, council member Place 4.

Those in the neighborhood have been bothered by these trucks, said Kim Clarkson, council member Place 2.

"I've personally been contacted by an owner in the Riverhill area who's expressed their concern," Clarkson said.

She added that trucks can damage residential roads that weren't made for truck traffic.

"Residential streets are not designed to carry that high volume and there's unnecessary through-traffic with unwanted outcomes," Clarkson said.

Sigerman said that although she is for the project, she's not sure exactly how the new ordinance would be enforced.

"I think the only challenge will be how to enforce it," Sigerman said. "When it comes to our police officers, they're stretched thin as it is on things that they need to do. ... Probably, the residents there would be good about letting us know when the problem seems to be continuing."

Another potential new ordinance the council will talk about could prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in residential neighborhoods and within 300 feet of churches, schools, public hospitals and childcare facilities. The ordinance would include a process for granting variances.

Also on the agenda is the purchase of two generators for the Water Production Division and a second reading for some budget adjustments.

The meeting takes place today, 6 p.m. at City Hall, 701 Main St.

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