The commissioners court is putting together a new committee of county residents to oversee some long-range construction projects.

"I think the committee is the way to go because if we don't have a specific committee for that, it's just going to languish," said Commissioner Jonathan Letz, precinct 3.

County Judge Rob Kelly said he wanted to discuss the idea of forming a committee for overseeing longe-range projects after having a workshop in which commissioners talked about some upcoming potential projects.

There are four potential projects in particular: a remodel of the courthouse basement, a new animal control facility, remodeling the courthouse grounds and repairs to the indoor arena at the Hill Country Youth Event Center.

"At (the past) workshop, we came to the conclusion that one of those we felt like was ready to proceed forward with, and that is the Youth Event Center indoor arena," Kelly said. "There are some liability and safety factors we have to consider there."

The rest were left as "to be determined" issues, Kelly added.

"Unquestionably, I'm looking out there at some faces I know that could be impacted by this, and we're going to certainly want the input from each of these departments and the officials (involved in these projects)," Kelly said.

He also suggested that each of the commissioners think of and recommend people they know in their respective precincts who they think would serve well on the committee.

"We invite applications and expressions of interest from people that would like to serve so that we can review the applications and recommendations and come up with a committee," Kelly said.

The committee will consist of seven members: Letz, Kelly, and one person from each precinct appointed by their respective precinct commissioner.

To get involved, go to to contact a commissioner by the end of August.

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