What: Kerr County is partnering with the Upper Guadalupe River Authority to create some landscaping that is more flood-friendly.

At their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, the commissioners court agreed to loan some of their equipment to UGRA so that they could dig a hole for a landscaping project on the lower end of the UGRA parking lot.

"(The road and bridge department) doesn't have the staff right now, but they do have equipment they can loan," said Commissioner Jonathan Letz, precinct 3.

The county may also join UGRA to host a workshop in the middle of September that will cover the topic of landscaping in a way that conserves water and benefits the river.

Why: Development near the UGRA is causing large amounts of water to flood UGRA's property, said Ray Buck, the general manager of the organization.

"The water actually overtops the curb, rushes through our property and goes out the other end, which is OK I guess except that the exit point at the lower part of our property is actually causing some drainage issues," Buck said. "It moved some concrete bumpers."

An engineer for Texas AgriLife designed a solution. A rain garden — a two-foot depression filled with gravel, sand and top soil, complete with some plants — will go at the lower end of the parking lot, helping both UGRA's flooding problem and the river, Buck said.

"It's designed to catch the overflow of that water and then let it seep into the ground," Buck said. "It gives a lot of benefits to the environment. It protects the river because it filters the sediments out."

While UGRA just completed the Eduscape, an educational display on water conservation that implements 15 different conservation and water retention techniques, the budget did not include water overtopping the curb in front of the building.

Timeline: UGRA is aiming to have the landscaping project complete by Aug. 23.

What else happened at the meeting: The commissioners also approved continuation of the burn ban, a new veterans service assistant for the veterans service office, some organizational decisions regarding the November election and installation of new playground equipment at Flat Rock Park and Center Point/Lions Park.

They also decided to continue participating in a program with 181 other counties that lessens the financial burden should the county ever have a capital murder case.

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