KPSF sets a record with donations for 2021, honors teachers at Antler Stadium

The first Tivy High School football game of the year, Friday, Aug. 27, was the scene of cheering crowds for the 37 teachers who were recipients of the Kerrville Public School Foundation’s record-breaking $110,068 donation.The teachers were from all eight campuses across the district and were introduced to cheering crowds as their names were announced. 

Antler Stadium was filled with students, teachers and parents preparing to watch the first football game of the season, and to celebrate KPSF night, held each year to publicly acknowledge and commend KISD teachers awarded grant funding for the new school year, according to KPSF executive director, Evelyn Nelson. “We at KPSF credit the generous support of the Kerrville community for making the awards possible,” said Nelson. Each grant ranged in value from $250 to as much as $4,000, and were awarded based on needs and original ideas, said Nelson. In no particular order, the teachers receiving a grant in the photo are Kelsay Davidson, Natalie Turner, Lea Anne Duckworth, Kenna Bush, Meilssa Martin, Dianna Daniels, Sarah McCrae, Elizabeth Riley, sharon Pintsch, David Riley, Amy Harris, Paola Compean, Megan Myers, Kimberly Hernandez, Hunter Miller, Sarah Koenig, Brittany Moss, Sandra Klein and Allison Carroll. Board members included in the photo are Sarah Baetz, Lindsay Eastland, Katie Fineske, Wendy Groner, Stephanie Herman, Holly Jones, Rachel Johnston, Courtney MacDonald, Greg Peschel, Josh Smithson, Paige Sumner, Hollis Uecker and Erin Wofford.

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