Hot August in 2019

The early Saturday morning thunderstorm that rattled windows and awoke many from slumber and produced the most rainfall in August, according to the National Weather Service. 

The storm wasn’t short on dramatics. 

“That was unexpected,” said local forecaster Cary Burgess, whose content regularly appears in The Daily Times. “Although models showed rain chance, nothing like this was expected.  We had help from low in gulf and also aided by storm outflow boundaries that originated from New Mexico and Panhandle storms. Amazing.”

Just how much rain the storm produced is still to be determined but it certainly broke a significant dry spell for the month. The National Weather Service reports that the Kerrville area averages more than an inch of rain each August, but going into Friday night and early Saturday morning only about a tenth of an inch has fallen. 

Just before midnight, the storm pushed through the area with thunder and nearly non-stop lightning strikes. By midnight rain was falling and the thunder was right on top of Kerrville. 

It also helped cool things down a bit with preliminary data from the National Weather Service indicating that the average temperature this month is 98.1 degrees -- the hottest in at least five years. 

“As for August temps, high pressure stalled over us most of the month and changed the game for us,” Burgess said. “I do expect this to continue through the end of the month.”

Burgess, like many in the region, are hoping for some more rain to fall as we head toward the end of the month. 

“With that said, a pattern change taking place up north should begin a cooling process late next week into September,” Burgess said. “Not sure if this will do much or not, but hopefully drop us closer to average.  Tropics are slow too so far. September is typically second wettest month of the year on average. Let’s hope it rains.”


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