Drawing from its past, H-E-B announced Wednesday that its new Main Street store will be a tribute to the company’s founding in Kerrville.

The 106,000-square-foot store will feature a decorative facade similar to the original store that the Butt family started from their Kerrville home in 1905. The new store, which is already underway, will face westward toward Francisco Lemos Street and is expected to open in late 2020.

H-E-B is currently clearing the footprint of where the store will sit, including demolition of a historic home and of old retail spaces fronting Main Street.

While there may be a few brands still available that were sold in the original Butt’s store, including Quaker Oats or Nabisco cookies, the insides of this store will be modern with a wide range of offerings, including H-E-B’s emergent chain of barbecue restaurants.

“We are excited to bring a new H-E-B store to Kerrville, the city where it all started for our company,” H-E-B Public Affairs Manager Julie Beding eld said. “With an enhanced in-store experience and commitment to top-quality service and selection, this new store allows us to continue to serve the growing needs of our customers and provide the community with the best we have to offer.”

The existing store, which opened in 1984 and is 79,000 square feet, will remain open 

during the construction of the new store, and then close and be torn down when the new store opens.

The location of the old store will become additional parking for customers and employees. The store will also feature an expanded gas station and car wash.

For the store, H-E-B will introduce design elements that complement the look and feel of the surrounding neighborhood and the Hill Country community, incorporating metal shed roofs and limestone, among other materials.

The limestone used for the store honors the company’s second location for its store, which opened in 1911 at the rock Masonic Building on Earl Garrett St. in Kerrville.

Customers will nd all the signature features and conveniences they expect from H-E-B, with many new and expanded product selections. Some new highlights and updated departments from the store include:

• H-E-B Curbside service allows customers to create a shopping list online and pick up their order at the store

• 22 check stands featur- ing several self-checkout registers for quick customer service

• Meal Simple area with options for quick and simple meal planning

• Showtime Kitchen with live demos and daily samplings using quick and easy recipes that can be made at home

• Sushiya offering hand-made sushi selections made in-store daily

• A bakery department featuring handmade artisan breads, cakes and Tortillería for fresh tortillas made in-house

• A large selection of craft and import beers and wines from around the world

• Expanded frozen department

• Cheese shop with expanded selection

• Pharmacy with drive-thru service

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