The Kerr County Commissioners Court pushed back Monday against criticism about its decision to close the county’s animal shelter on Saturdays. 

In a late afternoon press release, the commissioners said their decision was not made in closed session last week and was in response to data that the shelter wasn’t being utilized on Saturdays. 

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To me, this story is less about the animal shelter and more about the people and the KDT challenging the CC over a bad decision. This has never been done in modern history. Traditionally, the bosses and their minions are off limits for public criticism, even when criticism is called for. I do see a potential snowball effect which could bring much needed reform to Kerr County.


One reason there is not enough money to run the animal shelter properly is that we have diverted so much money to Hierholzer's empire building. Just simply stop taking in prisoners from other counties, mothball the unused portion of the jail and there will be sufficient funds. It is a question of priorities, and as usual, boss rule prevails.


I am glad the Commissioners Court are willing to discuss what topics were discussed in executive session. Maybe they will tell us whether they discussed a county funded investigation into Rebecca Bolin's activities while in executive session?

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