Local kids met flopping fish and squishy worms on Tuesday as 4-H hosted its annual fishing derby on the Guadalupe River.

“They’re disgusting,” 6-year-old Reynee Fiedler said with a smile as she touched some worms in a cup. She had just caught her first fish.

The fishing derby is a project by the 4-H council, which invites various youth groups to work with them outside and learn about fishing, according to Roy Walston, a county extension agent for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. 

This year, the 15 children who participated were students from A Child’s Place Learning Center.

“We’ve got a good group of young kids that are out and enjoying the outdoors and getting to share some time with some mentors, some older kids,” Walston said. “I’m enjoying the opportunity to work with them.”

Patrick Hoppe, a student involved with 4-H, and Elijah Garcia, a student from A Child’s Place, were working together to catch some fish. They caught one that was 5 1/5 inches long.

“I don’t how we caught that fish, because we didn’t even see the bobber go down,” Garcia said.

Hoppe, an avid fisherman, said he was glad to help Garcia. They were both hoping to catch the biggest fish possible.

“There’s a foot-and-a-half-long catfish that lives right (near here),” Hoppe said. “Me and my brother caught it one time, and we’re trying to catch it (now).”

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