Peace officers booked seven people into the Kerr County jail in the last three days on accusations of driving while intoxicated.

Among them were two people who have been convicted of DWI before: 26-year-old Luke Walter Selby, of Ingram, and 38-year-old Kelby Neal Combs, of Pipe Creek. 

Selby, arrested by an Ingram police officer on Saturday, was convicted of DWI in 2017, put on probation, but then was jailed for about a month after violating probation. 

Combs, arrested Saturday by a Kerrville police officer, has been convicted of DWI at least twice, but no information was immediately available on his prior sentences. 

Other accused of committing DWI for the first time include: 

  • Samuel Fidel Gomez Jr., 43, of Boling, jailed Friday.
  • Bruce Allen Miller, 69, of Kerrville, jailed Saturday by a state trooper.
  • Eric Charles Johnston, 56, of Kerrville, jailed Sunday by a Kerrville officer. He also was accused of driving with an open container of an alcoholic beverage
  • Fausto Perez-Almanzan, 45, of Ingram, jailed Sunday by an Ingram officer.
  • Kari Raison McCauley, 50, of Kerrville, jailed Sunday by a sheriff’s deputy. 

All of these defendants have since been released on bonds. 


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