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We asked our audience on Facebook what they thought of measures to create background checks on person-to-person gun sales here in Texas. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick supports it, the NRA says no. The choices were: Yes, it’s a good idea (57%), or No, we don’t need it (43%). There were 235 people who voiced their opinion in the poll.  Of those voting yes, 63% were women, of those voting no, 58% were men. 

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Mary Lou Shelton

I do find it rather amazing that the paper is filled with letters and posts talking about the mentally ill, the evil, the angry, the paranoid, the violent video game players, etc, ad nauseam, yet they dont want background checks in an effort to keep guns out of the hands of these people. and I bet most of them have absolutely no clue as to how their beliefs contradict each other. gene

Mary Lou Shelton

and the whine from the right will be that background checks have too many loopholes to be real effective. and they are right. average check takes 108 seconds. how about a licensing law that takes about a week to complete a check? some states have them, and have shown, over time about a 15% drop in both homicides and suicides. so if you really want to reduce guns and nuts, then how could you be against licensing?

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