Aceti awarded with honorary membership

Kerrville Morning Rotary President Jon Tilley, right, presents an Honorary Membership to John Aceti on behalf of Morning Rotary. 

A “pillar” of one of the local Rotary Clubs who had been a Rotarian for almost five decades was awarded an honorary membership following his retirement from the group. 

John Aceti, who recently had retired from the club, served as a Rotarian in three cities and was president of the Olean, New York Rotary Club. He said it’s “been an awesome journey.”

“You've been a pillar of our Club and we will have a huge void without you,” said Jon Tilley as he presented the honorary membership to Aceti during a recent event. Tilley is president of the Rotary Club of Kerrville-Morning, also called Morning Rotary. 

“That said, I understand at some point there's a time all of us will have to make this decision and I respect that,” Tilley said.

John Aceti’s accomplishments include:

  • Selected by a Rotary District committee to serve as a team leader with three Canadians and two Americans on a Group Study Exchange project to Argentina for four weeks to further international understanding
  • Led a team consisting of a fifth grade student, an elementary teacher and a member of the Board of Education to Sweden for ten days (during Easter vacation) to visit schools, stay with Swedish families, visit historic areas and speak at Rotary Clubs
  • Served as chairman of a committee to collect over 800 donated library books and magazines to a school on St. Lucia Island. 

“I plan to complete my current book by summer or early Fall,” Aceti said. “Following this project, I will then begin writing my memoirs of the many and exciting Rotary experiences I had throughout the world. There will be an emphasis on the many different people I met, projects initiated, places traveled and multiple experiences of being a Rotarian.”


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