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Faith Schu talks about the various fireworks on display at Alamo Fireworks stand on Texas 16 South.


For Jerry and Judy Houston, selling fireworks every year on the Fourth of July is a family affair.

For three years, they have set up an Alamo Fireworks Stand off Texas 16, and they spend six days onsite in an RV with their granddaughter, Faith Schu.

“Everyone in the family can participate — from young to old,” Judy Houston said.

The three started selling fireworks after a friend asked them to take over his stand. They’ve been doing it ever since.

“Selling is really fun,” Schu said.

Alamo Fireworks is the distributor, and the family are operators. Alamo Fireworks takes care of permits, and they are in charge of setting up the stand and selling the merchandise. In addition to regular firecrackers, the family sells more elaborate explosive packages such as Code Red, Snow Cone and Cup of Joe.

Once the stand is set up, the family has to be on site 24 hours a day.

Fireworks are allowed to be sold until midnight on July 4. That’s when they pack it up for the summer, and they come back for New Year’s.

When families come to pick out fireworks, parents make it a point to talk to their kids about safety precautions, Judy Houston said.

“People here are informed and educate their children,” she said. “As they come up to the stand, they’re already talking to their kids about being safe.”

It is illegal for any person to sell, use, shoot, discharge, explode, ignite, possess or display any fireworks in the Kerrville city limits.

The maximum fine for being in possession of fireworks in the city is $2,000.

In Kerr County, setting off fireworks — including skyrockets with sticks and missiles with fins — is allowed.

Schu said one of her favorite items is the Snow Cone, which sets off sparks like a multi-colored fountain.

“It’s really pretty,” she said.

Houston said her favorite part of setting up shop is seeing the looks on the faces of their customers. 

“They’re so excited,” she said.


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