At tonight’s meeting, Ingram city council members will hear a presentation about efforts to help property owners come into compliance with the city’s wastewater law.

Mark Bosma, city administrator, is expected to give updates on three customers — all of whom have had accounts for years but have special circumstances, he said.

For example, the person who owns a tract in the 3100 block of Junction Highway reportedly was unable to pay a $5,000 system access and tap connection, so he is paying in installments, Bosma said.

In another case, the owner of property in the 2900 block of Junction Highway is having issues reaching the wastewater lines on his property, Bosma said.

“I’m working with an engineer to come up with some kind of plan to get wastewater over there,” he said. “There’s a connection, but he can’t grade to it.”

The owner has been cooperative with city officials during the process, Bosma added.

The final owner, who had a business in the 100 block of Bridge Road West, needed 

to verify the products that were being sold at the store were able to go into the wastewater system. She recently was able to do that and gave the city the go ahead to connect, he said.

Bosma will update the council on the accounts and give each of the owners time to address the council if they want to.

Also at tonight’s meeting, the council is expected to make a decision on a resolution that would make Bosma the designated official to manage the wastewater system. 

Bosma would have the authority to manage some aspects of the project but, if needed, some decisions would be forwarded to the city council.

In closed, executive session, the Ingram City Council plans to discuss pending litigation regarding the wastewater system.

The city recently filed suit against nine defendants who allegedly have refused to comply with a wastewater ordinance. The ordinance requires owners of homes and nonresidential properties to decommission septic systems and connect to sewer lines within 90 days from the time they receive notification from the city of an available sewer line. 

The original nine defendants included Hawkins Ward Enterprises LLC., Courtney L. Ward; Daniel Hawkins; Rocky Hawkins; Julie Hensley; Mark Hensley; Mark Hensley Sr.; Terry Hise; Samuel Piver; and Twanda Brown. However, the city dropped Daniel Hawkins from the suit. The city claimed in filings that it did not know he didn’t own property in the city. 

A hearing will take place at some point to determine the amount of damages the city has to pay Hawkins for its erroneous accusation, according to his attorney, Roger Gordon. 

The city last week added David Britton to its lawsuit. According to the meeting agenda, the council may take unspecified action on the lawsuit once it reconvenes in regular session. 

Other items on tonight’s budget include:

• Discussion regarding a sign permit for 3280 and 3276 Junction Highway.

• Discussion regarding wastewater connection for property at 3354 Junction Highway. 

• Discussion regarding a variance for property at 201 Childs Street. 

News editor Sean Batura contributed to this article


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