A judge has ordered an investigation into a report that a toddler was dehydrated, had missing hair, bruising to his ears and nose and cuts in his mouth.

The toddler, now 2 years old, was diagnosed as being severely dehydrated at Peterson Regional Medical Center on Dec. 18, 2020, according to the CPS report by Stephanie Everett, CPS Specialist IV. The child was examined the same day by a San Antonio-based Child Abuse Assessment Center, Center for Miracles, and found to have sustained the missing hair by “forceful hair pulling,” as opposed to the father’s claim that his son’s hair just started to fall out and the mother’s claim that she was getting tangles out of the toddler’s hair when the clump came out, reads Everett’s report. The mother claimed the boy’s ear and nose bruises were sustained from him playing with his half-sister, who was then 5 years old, according to the report. 

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