Adding office space to Kerr County Animal Services is on tap for discussion at Monday’s Kerr County Commissioners Court meeting.

Currently, there is not enough room for all of of the animal control officers. While there are plans to build a new facility, more space is an immediate need, said Precinct 3 Commissioner Jonathan Letz.

There are only a few desks in the office, so staff have to share, Letz said.

A short-term solution is to move an unused portable office building at River Star Arts and Event Park to KCAS.

On Monday, commissioners are expected to discuss how much it would cost to move the building.

Also during the meeting, lawmakers will discuss funeral services for a Kerrville man who was killed in the Korean War. The remains of Billy Butler were identified on April 29, and he will be returning to Kerrville later this month.

Butler, who was a corporal in the U.S. Army, was captured by the Chinese People’s Volunteer Force on 

Nov. 28, 1950. He was declared dead in Jan. 27, 1951.

In June 2018, North Korea gave the U.S. 55 boxes believed to contain the remains of American servicemen who died during the Korean War. Butler’s remains were among those that have been identified so far.

He will be coming home later this month. On July 27, there will be a funeral service at 10 a.m. at Kerrville Funeral Home.

Internment with full military honors will follow at Nichols Cemetery. 

Other items on Monday’s agenda are:

• A public hearing and discussion for the revision of a plat for Hidden Hills Two.

• A public hearing and dissection for the revision of a plat for Silver Hills.

• Setting a public hearing for the revision of a plat for Sunrdige Subdivision. 

• Setting a public hearing for the revision of a plot for Westwood Oaks. 

• Discussion regarding the expansion of the Cedar Oaks Manufactured Home Park development plan.

• Setting a public hearing for revisions to the Kerr County Subdivision Regulations. 

• Setting a pubic hearing to vacate a portion of Mosty Lane from First to Second Street.

• Discussion regarding the purchase of a mobile dynamic traffic sign. 

• Discussion regarding allowing Texas Parks and Wildlife to spray Arundo Donax on Kerr County property. 

• Discussion regarding the formation of a committee to determine the long range construction needs for the county.

The Kerr County Commissioners Court will meet at 9 a.m. Monday at the Kerr County Courthouse, 700 Main St.

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