Kevin Franke’s trial in the hot car deaths of two children has been continued while the courts await a decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals that could impact the case.

On Aug. 15, District Court Judge N. Keith Williams ordered, in agreement with defense attorney Richard Ellison and District Attorney Lucy Wilke, that Franke’s trial would be postponed. They're waiting until the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rules on whether negligent or reckless conduct leading to death can be the basis for a murder charge. 

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Okguy, I agree with you concerning the conflicts, bias and incompetence in our system. The GOB that support their compliant, but incompetent politicians, to a man, veil themselves in the church, flag and rule of law, and that is the most repugnant aspect of our situation in my opinion. Take a look at the core support of Prohl, Sutton and Amos Barton and you will see all roads lead to the same GOB’s. The damage these GOB’s have caused to average folks in this county is terrible. The damage to K Franke is horrible, and I don’t think this group has enough conscience to care, so long as they have key players in their pocket.

robert white

Conservative, You may be on to something. I bet Epstein would have donated all his millions to have his case transferred here where money and influence rules. A justice system that hid child molestation claims against former city councilman Stork from the public, ignored a possible homicide involving Stork's wife, since no official determination was made to the cause of Peggy Stork's death. Yet has spent two years and countless hours trying to destroy a 16 year old kid, accusing him of being a mass murderer by unknowingly rolling windows up in a car. Me thinks there's crime downtown.


I can imagine that many of the new arrivals to Kerrville from other states are perplexed by this case and the overall political landscape of rural Texas. In order to understand the Texas small town political model, I suggest reading Dukes of Duval County: The Parr Family and Texas Politics by Anthony Carrozza. This fine historical account lays out the template for rural Texas politics and can provide a new lens through which local goings on can be viewed. This information will bring clarity to our current situation.


Newcomers to Kerr County may ask “why is Ortiz/Cavasos/Wilke dedicating so much of our money and our time to this this case, and why is she pursuing a murder charge? The first answer is Ortiz/Cavasos/Wilke is incompetent. Beyond that, one must look at how local politics work and why so many incompetent people hold public office here. A small group of powerful and politically connected folks control this county for purposes of money and power, and they prop up politicians that are loyal to them. Unfortunately, politicians that will serve these masters are obviously flawed. This is the cost of doing business for the GOB. Ortiz/Cavasos/Wilke showed her loyalty in the Gus Schreiner case and many others, and this is what really matters to the GOB. Justice and the welfare of the community are a distant second. The GOB has no political ideology beyond more money and more power.

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