When it comes to luxury living, it’s not hard to find it in Kerrville. 

If you’ve got an extra million dollars (or two) laying around, you can find a truly spectacular home. In fact, you can find 41 to be exact. 

That’s right, Kerrville, and the surrounding area, has 41 high-end homes and properties on the market, including the $6.5 million Song Bird Ranch, just south of Kerrville.

For many in the business and real estate community, the explosion of high-end homes and valuable property is not surprising, especially in the wake of interest in the region from inside Texas and from out of it. 

The market has roughly 12% of its inventory valued at $900,000 or more. 


Real Estate Broker Laura Fore, who is a co-owner of Fore Premier Properties, said that she considers anything over $500,000 to be a luxury property, because of the region’s relative affordability compared to other parts of the country. Based on that metric, there are at least 107 properties listed on websites Zillow or Realtor.com

Fore said the region’s appeal to retirees and those looking for something different is helping drive the luxury market. 

“People want to enjoy the lifestyle here in Kerrville and the Hill Country,” Fore said. 

If you run through the real estate sites, the numbers may vary, but

it’s about the same with 52 homes priced from $500,000 to $800,000 and 16 from $800,000 to $1 million. 

Real estate agent Somer Tinsley said even at the $350,000 level, it’s easy to find luxurious amenities, but she’s seeing plenty of interest in the market. 

“I think Kerrville is a retirement place, and they can enjoy the lifestyle here,” Tinsley said. 


“It’s a phenomenal place to live,” Fore said of living here — a town she grew up in. “Kerrville keeps getting better.” 

Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Walt Koening is the first to agree with Fore’s assessment, and also point to the rise in upper income retirees for some of the prices that are being seen. 

“It doesn’t surprise me at all,” Koening said. “We’ve got such a large migration of retirees from other states coming here.”   

Koening said the region’s desirability has attracted many people to the area, and that families and those looking to relocate are increasing on a regular basis. 



The Song Bird property is on 81 acres and has Lamb Creek — with a waterfall — running past the 5,600-square foot home.  

Fore said the property features 100 differing types of flora and fauna, but it’s the class Hill Country terrain that sets this place apart. 

Fore said it’s a thrill to be able to market the high-end properties because of the beauty of the property and the homes. 



For $995,000, a buyer can connect with a hilltop home on San Juan Street with four bedrooms and three-and-one-half bathrooms on 5.6 acres. The Mediterranean-style home has a multi-level pool that features a commanding view of the Hill Country.


While he’s grateful for the high-end properties, Koening is concerned about the affordability issues facing the community, and he wants to ensure that the area remains attractive for young families and professionals. 

“We want people who work here to be able to live in Kerrville,” Koening said. 

If you’re looking at the housing in the region, there are about 200 homes or parcels of land on the market valued under $300,000, but above that there are another 200 properties, including more than 70 listed over $700,000. 

Koening said the city of Kerrville, along with others, are working to address some of the affordability issues.

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