Natalia’s Joe Herrera will run again for the Texas House District 53 seat.


After getting beat in the last Democratic primary for Texas House Representative District 53, Joe Herrera is back for a second time in the hopes of challenging Republican and incumbent Andrew Murr. 

Herrera was soundly defeated in the 2018 primary by lawyer Stephanie Lochte Ertel, who in turn was routed for a second consecutive race by Murr, who has held the District 53 seat since 2015. 

Herrera, however, said he believes he stands a chance in a head-to-head race against Murr, who earned more than 70 percent of the vote in the 2018 election. Herrera garnered more than 1,900 votes in his primary loss. 

A resident of Natalia, Herrera said he’s planning to run with a focus on education, high-speed internet for rural residents and health care. 

“All Texans deserve a representative that will fight to protect property rights, protect local control, empower local governments, while protecting Texas lands and rivers and other natural treasure,” Herrera said in his campaign news release.

District 53 includes Kerrville, along with much of Kerr County, and Bandera and Medina counties to the south. The district also stretches west to Crockett County.

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Good luck to Mr. Herrera, and thank you for participating in the process. Murr looks to be invincible, but the contest presents an opportunity to shed light on issues which are politically incorrect for Murr to even recognize, so much good can come from a focused challenger. This was not the case with Murr’s former opponent, Stephanie Ertel, who retreated into the safety of Dem luncheons and issue avoidance.

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