Students at B.T. Wilson Sixth Grade School are going to get extra comprehensive and targeted support this year in light of some recent state ratings on accountability.

The Kerrville Independent School District received state ratings on accountability, and while the majority of the schools received good ratings — As and Bs — B.T. Wilson received a D.

“We didn’t hit any targets,” said Superintendent Mark Foust. “That’s unacceptable.”

Accountability scores are 70 percent based on achievement and school progress and 30 percent on closing the gaps. It is in closing the gaps — making specified goals for specific groups of students — where Foust said B.T. Wilson tripped up the most.

“We’re extremely disappointed by this, and it affects our district rating,” Foust said, adding that the district got an 89, or a B rating. “But we have a renewed energy at B.T. Wilson.”

Foust added that it’s important to consider some of the experiences students get that aren’t factored into the rating.

“It gets me fired up when I think about the kids that had a life-altering experience in outdoor ed and that we have a rating that suggests the school is anything less than that,” Foust said.

A member of the KISD board of trustees, David Spouse, said that while the district should work hard to better the sixth grade school, it’s important to also work hard with rising seventh-graders.

“When they move into the seventh grade, we’ll be working diligently with them to catch them up if they had any gaps in what they needed to accomplish in sixth grade,” Spouse said.

As far as the other schools in the district go, Foust said there is some good news. KISD received distinction in postsecondary readiness for the fifth year in a row.

“Sometimes, if we stumble, we’re going to hang up on that,” Foust said. “All of you worked really hard, pushing kids and growing kids and helping them be successful. ... Overall, as a district, we’re very pleased with the results.”

Also at Monday’s meeting, KISD board members also approved a tax rate of $1.17 per $100 of property valuation, talked about some bond and special education updates and some budget amendments.

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