Garrett Emerson


One of the two felony prosecutors’ offices in Kerr County has a new assistant district attorney.

216th District Attorney Lucy Wilke recently announced the hiring of Garrett Emerson, who will prosecute felony cases arising out of Kendall and Gillespie Counties — mostly in the latter.

Emerson grew up in Kerrville and graduated from Tivy High School.  He attended Texas A&M University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in business administration. He received his Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s University in 2017.  

Emerson worked for Goldstein, Goldstein, Hilley & Orr after law school for a little over a year and then became  a solo practitioner in Kendall County.

Emerson is the son of 198th sitting District Judge Melvin “Rex” Emerson Jr.

John Hoover will continue to handle cases primarily in Kerr County, said Wilke.

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Congratulations Garrett, however I would like to give you a word of caution regarding your new boss. Oriz-Cavazos-Wilke has a very bad reputation of meritless prosecutions, especially when it comes to physically attractive, teenage males. She is currently in big trouble with the Kevin Franke case, and I advise you to stay away from linking your good name to this most incompetent prosecution. You obviously have a great career ahead of you, and it would be a shame if your name becomes linked with this case. On the other hand, I can imagine Oriz-Cavazos-Wilke would love to share the heat with someone else.

Mary Lou Shelton

my advice was to not hire a discredited witness in the effort to get a death penalty. I guess that was too inflammatory to be printed, so trying again. still wondering how much we paid the witness and how much the retrial cost us after the original verdict was overthrown? gene


Congratulations to Garrett and his family.


We certainly need new blood in our DA office, and I am hopeful that Garrett will be right man for our future. Unfortunately, the bosses will undoubtedly start a seduction process on Garrett. One need only look back to the political campaign of Amos Barton to see how the bosses seek relationships with the DA's, and those in line to be DA. Barton was a capo under Ron Sutton and was the bosses’ choice to be the next DA. Barton’s DA campaign was managed by the ubiquitous Richard Mosty, and Mosty’s son went to work as underboss for Barton shortly after Barton won the election. Mosty and the bosses told us Barton was a mature, skilled prosecutor and was ready to lead as the new DA. Unfortunately, Barton was a total disaster for Kerr County and his “Dream Team” shakedown crew brought negative national attention to Kerr County. While Barton’s tenure may have benefitted the bosses, it was very damaging to our community.

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