It’s bulky trash time in Kerrville.

Starting Monday, Republic Services will begin collecting bulky trash from residential units that have an active account for solid waste services with the City of Kerrville. Bulky trash could be items such as appliances, furniture and other large items that do not typically fit in a garbage cart.

Those who have regular garbage collection on Mondays will receive bulky trash collection service on Oct. 7. The following week beginning Oct. 14, crews will service those that have garbage collection on Tuesdays. Lastly, Oct. 21 is when crews will begin servicing those with garbage collection on either Wednesdays or Thursdays.

The city highly recommends customers place items out on the weekend before your collection week begins, or at the latest by 7:30 a.m. Monday. Although structured as collection weeks, crews will only pass through a street once.

It is the responsibility of the owner or tenant to remove any items not collected due to improper placement. Be advised that owners and tenants who have items out for more than 10 days are subject to code enforcement and may receive a violation notice. Scavenging of any items without the consent of the property owner is prohibited.

Assistant Director of Public Works David Barrera said there have been problems in the past with residents not following the proper guidelines, so it’s important to pay attention to what is and is not allowed.

“We will work closely with our code compliance officers to address any nuisances,” he said. “This service is a challenging task that Republic Services handles well, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation in advance.”

To avoid interruption in service, here are some guidelines and prohibited items:



Do not include large quantities of household waste placed in bags or containers.

Do not place items on top of a water meter.

Place items clear of any power lines, vehicles, mail boxes and gas or water lines.

Items that require Freon, such as refrigerants and as aerosol propellants, must have a tag from a licensed technician indicating that the Freon has been reclaimed.

Carpet must be rolled and tied into sections not greater than 6 feet-by-6 feet.


• Tires

• New or used oil

• Ammunition

• Yard waste, such as branches, limbs and grass clippings

• Fencing

• Household paints, chemicals and other hazardous items

• Any type of construction debris, such as sheetrock, roofing, lumber and pallets

• Any type of glass, mirrors, porcelain or other brittle items

• Batteries

Contact the city with any questions before placing items at the curb by calling 830-257-8000.

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