A 74-year-old woman reported losing about $2,000 in a scam that also led to the diversion of her Social Security checks to an unknown party, according to the Kerrville Police Department. 

Earlier this month, the woman told police someone called her on the phone early last month and told her she would be receive money if she provided her banking information and Social Security number, according to Sgt. Jonathan Lamb, KPD spokesman. She provided the information and soon received a direct-deposit, $4,500 check into her checking account, but the check bounced 18 days later and her bank account was emptied. 

“The victim also stated the unknown subject changed her social security information and added a new bank account for the direct deposit,” Lamb said in an email. “The victim  stated they do not know the bank account their social security check is now being deposited into. The officer advised the victim to immediately contact the social security office and speak with them in regards to the unknown location of their checks. The victim was advised of the difficulties in locating a suspect regarding these types of offenses and provided with a case number. There is no suspect information.”

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Swindling money from the elderly has got to be one of the most despicable crimes. Our problem is that DA Ortiz/Cavasos/ Wilke and Judge Williams are known to go soft on this class of crime depending upon the perp’s local social status and influence.


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