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Brook Dale resident Norm Bogmer helps dry Linda Lakes car Friday mroning. The senior living faciltiy held a car wash for donation to go toward the fight against alzheimer's.

Cars lined the driveway at Brookdale Senior Living on Friday morning to get a good scrubbing.

For three hours, facility employees and residents gave free car washes to veterans, seniors and health care professionals. 

“We wanted to do something nice for this wonderful group of people, and this is what our team came up with,” said Albert Vasquez, resident program director.

It also is a way to honor the Fourth of July, he said. 

“We like to find different projects in the community to allow us to give back and stay purposeful,” Vasquez said.

Throughout the year, Brookdale Senior Living hosts events for the community. In the past, they’ve given out doughnuts and hosted a meet and greet for first responders, Vasquez said.

Every program is based on six aspects of wellness — purpose, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual, Vasquez said. 

“We focus on things to help people live ... an optimum life,” he said. 

There’s a committee made up of residents who meet to choose what kind of service activities they want to do during the year, he added.

On Friday morning, Norm Bogmer, a Brookdale Senior Living resident, was in the thick of the action, helping to dry off cars as they went through the assembly line.

“They invited me to come out here,” he said.

Any donations given to the volunteers will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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