New middle school conceptual image

Kerrville Independent School District officials unveiled this image created by an artist to show what the front of the new middle school on Loop 534 could look like. Drawings were presented during Monday’s school board meeting, and district officials met with prospective subcontractors on Tuesday.


School district officials this week unveiled images of what Kerrville’s new middle school may look like.

The new school, slated for groundbreaking this fall and completion next year, also officially has an address: 3175 Loop 534.

The district hosted an event on Tuesday at its high school for prospective subcontractors to learn more about the project, which will be paid for with some of the $89 million in bonds voters approved last year. 

Subcontractors will be able to submit bids in August.

“We want to have as much local bond dollars as possible go into the community,” said Superintendent Mark Foust at Monday’s board of trustees meeting.

The exterior of the building will be composed of stone, brick and 


“It’s really sharp, it’s really nice looking,” Foust said.

Trustees inspected exterior and interior images, which included a cafeteria intended to double as a learning


“We expect to see teachers and using these spaces throughout the day,” Foust said.

The building also will include learning spaces that feature removable partitions to maximize flexibility of use. 

The proposed library features easily movable bookcases and a covered deck outside so students can get in and out without being rained on.

“The library can be reconfigured quite easily,” Foust said.

District officials visited schools in other areas of Texas, such as Hays and Dallas counties, to learn what has worked and what hasn’t worked for other districts.

After bids come back in August, the school board will have a better idea of how much the new middle school will cost. 

Trustees are slated to approve or disapprove a “guaranteed maximum price” at their Sept. 16 meeting.

The building is being designed by Austin-based Huckabee Inc., and it

will be built by Bartlett Cocke General

Contractors, which has offices in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth and Baytown.

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