A new kind of student requires a new kind of dormitory, and it’s critical for a university that wants to dramatically increase its enrollment and presence in the community.  

Schreiner University welcomed students into the newly constructed four-story Baldwin Hall at the start of the school year. At 65,217 square feet, it is the largest building on campus.  

The new building cost $11.4 million and is part of Schreiner’s strategic plan, being led by university President Charlie McCormick, to attract students and increase enrollment by 1,000 before the university celebrates its centennial year in 2023. If those projections happen, Schreiner would have more than 2,000 students. 

“As Schreiner grows, we are investing in a variety of new living and learning spaces that help students achieve their academic and personal development goals,” said McCormick. “Baldwin Hall is one of these spaces.”

Named after Schreiner’s 2006 Distinguished Alumnus Peter Baldwin, the newest coed residence can house 208 students in stylish suites.  

The design of the four double-occupancy rooms with two bathrooms and one central living room space was intentional to promote community.  Two large study areas with views of campus encourage students to mingle and study together.  

One of the best perks for students is free laundry. No quarter collecting needed at Baldwin Hall’s three laundry rooms.

When it comes to setting itself apart from other dorms, Baldwin Hall is unique because of the dedicated Esports Bunker.  

This is now where Varsity Esports Coach Ryan Lucich and his team in their second year practice and compete in growing collegiate Esports leagues.  

With a chance to become ranked nationally and internationally, this is more than playing video games, it takes teamwork and communication. 

“Each team has a set practice schedule,” said Lucich. “We go over our goals and strategies.”  Team members are required to maintain their GPA and attend study hall. 

Less expensive than a traditional athletic field, the new bunker with sleek sofas, chairs designed for gaming and current technology should help Lucich actively recruits members to join his team.  

“We talk to high schools that are creating esports club,” said Lucich. “We will be inviting some students out to meet our players and host high school camps.”  

Security is a top priority on the Schreiner campus and the security office is now located in Baldwin Hall.  

The Board of Trustees listened to concerned parents and students and authorized Chief of Security Kenneth Jacobs to carry a firearm at all times.  From the new office Jacobs and his staff monitor the entries and exits to all the dorms and buildings on main campus 24 hours a day. 



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