In March, Carol Priour’s grandson died at 22 months old in Kerr County.

“It put me in a dark place,” she said of that time period.

Priour, who is the fine arts director at the Hill Country Youth Ranch, decided to channel her emotions onto a canvass. 

“I decided to put it all out there,” Priour said. 

She’s since created dozens of photo compositions and drawings now on display at Grape Juice, 623 Water St. 

Called “Candle of the Spirit,” the mostly black-and-white collection depicts angels, lions and portraits of her grandson, Judah Priour. 

“Judah came into this world fighting through many physical challenges, all of which seemed impossible to overcome,” states his obituary. “His likelihood of making it past birth was small, and even then, he was given one week to live at best. He went on to live a life of nearly two years, full of great joy and defying the odds.”

Piour said she doesn’t know for certain why the pieces she created ended up in black and white.

“The color went out of my work,” Priour said. “And I would draw with a pencil and paper in the NICU.”

All of the pieces — 38 total — are for sale at Grape Juice. The display started on June 11, and three have already sold, Priour said.

On Saturday, she hosted an opening at Grape Juice, where four of her college friends came to support her.

“It was a complete surprise,” Priour said.

The collection also represents her life’s mantra of facing the storm.

“I lived in tornado alley, and we got storms all the time, so it’s also a bit of a metaphor for that,” Priour said.

One section of the display are drawings of Judah during his 22 months of life. Priour’s favorite is called “The Lion and the Lamb,” which shows the child on a lion surrounded by stars.

“He loved lights, and I imagine him in Heaven being so excited by stars,” she said.

Proceeds will support the visual arts program at the Hill Country Youth Ranch and to build a memorial for Judah.

The work will be at Grape Juice until Aug. 6.

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