The T.J. Moore Lumber Yard is looking to add a new mural to its collection that depicts Ingram history.

The Ingram City Council, which must approve the mural, has decided nothing about the potential new mural yet, while more information is gathered.

Council member Claud Jordan said during a meeting on Tuesday that he was trying to talk to the local school so that the art class could paint the mural, but has so far not had any luck getting in touch with anyone.

“I called the principal, and he didn’t answer, and I sent an email to the art guy, and no response,” Jordan said. “Everybody’s out at summer vacation. It’s going to have to wait.”

But Mark Bosma, the city administrator, said he thinks the artist must 

be of a professional caliber so that the mural is consistent with the other 16 murals on the building.

“I really think you need to keep it in the professional atmosphere, because that’s what you had them doing the first time,” Bosma said. “I’m not saying (the students) can’t do the same work by any means, but ... it needs to tie in, blend in and look the same.”

Jordan added that going with the art class option would potentially make the project cheaper.

The project is expected to cost about $7,000 to $9,000, which the city will pay for, perhaps by using hotel and motel occupancy tax funds, Bosma said.

No matter what artist could paint the mural, council member Shirley Trees said it’s important to her that the council confers with T.J. Moore before making any decisions.

“I just think that T.J. Moore should be included in this discussion, since it’s their wall,” Trees said.

The council also talked about updating the map of Ingram so that it includes annexation adjustments. Bosma said the last time this happened was in 1982.

Additionally, the council approved two quarterly payments of $2,000 each to the West Kerr County Visitors Center. 

A scheduled discussion regarding a potential park bench donation from the Goodman family was postponed.

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