This weekend may be the perfect time to meet a small and hairy friend — a true friend, according to Kinky Friedman, a singer, songwriter, novelist and animal advocate.

“They’re little people. If they don’t like you, they don’t like you,” Friedman said.

“They’re really spiritual and special, cats are.”

Friedman partnered with local nonprofit, end-of-life sanctuary for cats, Rainbow Journey, to host a series of kitten adoption events, the first of which is today. 

They’re calling it “Friedman’s Famous Feral Felines.”

The kittens going up for adoption are formerly feral cats that were running amok on Friedman’s ranch in Medina. That’s why he called Lyndsey Powers, president of Rainbow Journey.

“They’re just such elegant creatures,” Powers said. “We’ve been catching kittens, and I’ve been socializing them so they’re adoptable.”

Rainbow Journey specializes in picking up feral cats around the Hill Country and giving them a nice haven in which to live out their lives, Powers said. Most of the cats at Rainbow Journey are at the end of their life road.

“An important thing to be if you can is a defender of strays,” Friedman said. “We should all try a little, because I think that’s about as close to Jesus as you’re going to get.”

He added that he especially respects Powers and Rainbow Journey because not many people are willing to take in older feral cats, preferring kittens instead.

“All these are little strangers in the rain, all lost, and nobody is going to take them in and take care of them except Lyndsey,” Friedman said.

Powers said she has always loved cats and loves what she does.

“We hope people will find this a good cause,” Powers said. “There’s a lot of animal lovers in Kerrville and the surrounding areas.”

But, she added, the babies up for adoption today are just that — babies.

The first cat Friedman ever had was a tiny abandoned kitten in a shoebox he found in Chinatown named Cuddles, whom he said he dearly loved. But these days, he has six dogs — who he calls the Friedmans — who don’t get along with the cats on his ranch, which is part of the reason he partnered with Rainbow Journey.

“They’re wonderful, they’re my friends, but I think they would gang up and hurt a cat,” Friedman said.

There will be 10 or 11 kittens up for adoption at $30 each. Every kitten comes with a certificate for $30 off of a spay or neuter operation.

The event is today, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Pet Supplies Plus, 305 Sidney Baker St. There will be two more in August.

For more information about Rainbow Journey, visit

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