For those looking for sober friends and activities, these next few months may offer some opportune moments, starting Monday.

The Kerrville Recovery Community Coalition and other community members organized some “Sober Pop Up Events,” which are meant to bring people together in an alcohol-free and drug-free atmosphere, according to KRCC member Sabine Kuenzel.

“The whole aim is to have an event for people that are either in recovery or even people who just don’t wish to be in an environment where there’s any kind of pressure,” Kuenzel said.

Everyone is invited, and Kuenzel said she hopes to see lots of people.

“We’ll hopefully see people of all walks of life — people of all ages, all interests,” Kuenzel said. “There’s nothing else involved other than wanting to get together just to be with other people.”

The KRCC so far has planned out the following three events, but there will be more to come as ideas continue to develop.



Monday is the first event, which is essentially a meet-and-greet over coffee at PAX Coffee and Goods, Kuenzel said. The event takes place immediately after the KRCC monthly meeting.

“We’ll head across the street (from City Hall) and whoever would like to join us is welcome to join us to have some coffee,” Kuenzel said.

The event is 7 to 8:15 p.m. at 203 Earl Garrett St.



This event is not hosted by the KRCC; rather, it’s to help out with a local food pantry, Kuenzel said.

“To be a contributing member of the community, we’re encouraging those in the recovery community to lend a helping hand,” Kuenzel said.

Those interested can mark their calendar for 9:30 a.m. Dec. 10 at First United Methodist Church, 321 Thompson Drive.


JAN. 4: 2020 VISION


The new year brings new goals for many, and this event aims to bring people together in goal planning, Kuenzel said.

“We’ll have some materials there for people to put together their own little artwork and put together a visual of what they hope to be accomplishing in the coming year of 2020,” she said.

The event will be from 1 to 3 p.m. Jan. 4, with a location still to be determined.

For more information on the upcoming events or the KRCC, email drkendallyoung@

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