Attention, sweet-toothed of Kerr County — the Hill Country Youth Ranch is hosting a bake sale to raise funds for fall activities.

HCYR is a nonprofit organization that gives long-term care and board for abused and orphaned children. The residents of one of the cabins on the ranch, the Mabee cabin, are taking orders for treats to purchase pumpkins, decorate for fall and take trips to two pumpkin patches and a corn maze.

“We’re really big on tradition and trying to build memories and do things with our children just like any other family would,” said Ashley Phillips, the development associate at HCYR. “Celebrating each season and holiday is really important to capture for the kiddos. ... Having that corn maze experience and those pumpkin patch pictures? They wouldn’t have anything to put in their childhood album otherwise.”

The children will be making all of the treats, which Phillips said will be a nice bonding experience.

“It’s a lot of baking, and I think the boys will think it’s pretty cool,” she said. “(It’s nice) to teach the boys that as hard as you work, as much as you put into it, then you get that much more out of it.”

She added that other cabins have other fundraisers coming soon after this one, like the teenage girls’ cabin selling Hawaiian-themed baked goods and

the older boys’ cabin selling candy.

The treats for sale include Reese’s Pieces cookies, a half dozen for

$10 or a dozen for $18; pumpkin cupcakes, $4 each or a dozen for $30; and chocolate-dipped and sprinkled marshmallows, $3 each or a bundle of three

for $5. 

All orders must be placed by today.

Deliveries take place on Sept. 13

and are an extra $5. Deliveries are

confined to Kerrville. Otherwise, orders can be picked up on Sept. 13 at HCYR’s main office, 3522 Junction Highway.

To make an order, call Phillip’s office at 830-367-6161.

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