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The energy of the room was lively at Kerrville City Council's meeting on Tuesday as the council discussed whether a council member should be allowed to talk about a lawsuit and assume his former title as mayor pro tem.

In November, council voted to remove council member George Baroody, Place 2, as mayor pro tem and ban him from council discussion about a lawsuit filed against the city. Two council members, including Baroody and Vincent Voelkel, Place 1, voted against it.

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The city acts like going into debt today to fix today's issues is a wonderful financial approach. Doesn't that just make tomorrow's citizens pay to fix today's problems? It seems like we keep betting on new business and growth to bail us out but any new business will be getting incentives to come here and usually those incentives are funded by more debt and growth incurs its own costs. As our debt history indicates, it just keeps growing shifting more and more burden on our future taxpayers. I don't see city finances and debt control the least bit different from any family's budget and debt issues. Maybe we should bit the bullet and make our goals - the pay as you go goal rather than the debt goal.

Greg Peschel

t28fog, I agree with you. Well thought out response.


I thought the council meeting last night was very informative. Mr. Baroody, I believe, tried to make the point that with a pretty low average personal income level that paying property taxes, sales taxes and water fees that are supporting $60 million in debt is a fairly high out of pocket yearly cost for individual citizens. Mrs. Dozier did a great job in filling out the debt picture. I feel like I have a much better understanding of our city debt because of it.

It was also apparent that Mr. Baroody has tested the patience of the mayor and rest of the council to the breaking point. That is a pity as I appreciate his efforts to highlight the negatives in subjects like the TIRZ and our debt and dont think we will have anyone seriously questioning our staff and council in the future. That used to be the job of the local newspaper but those days are gone.

Brenda Craig spoke well and on point without the political character assassination the rest of the citizen speakers felt the need for. After hearing the rationale behind banning Mr. Baroody from the law suit by the council, it's hard to disagree with their decision even though I believe the damage and risk was overstated as the opposing lawyer stopped any discussion. That said his attempt was wrong.

Greg Peschel

Nobody in the community was being represented when George stepped foot in Mr O’Fiel’s office. It is unfortunate. George has an MO that has worked in little league. Problems arise and then he can talk one on one with the individual to try to smooth things over. That usually works. But that is little league and this is a federal lawsuit. Once lawyers got involved, the situation was no longer easily solved by George’s MO. He should have listened to legal counsel’s advice and just backed off. As we know, he didn’t. And every step he has taken since has been nothing short of combative. I don’t doubt that Goerge’s original intent was noble but how has conducted himself since that point was in nobody’s best interest but his own. George outkicked his coverage and with diplomacy is not in his tool bag, he put the rest of the council in a really tough spot. He did this to himself and by default, he did this to the people he represents.


So I am now longer represented on council when it comes to this particular issue. The three amigos certainly do not represent me. They are the pawns of the money in town. Take a look at the donations to Cochrane and Clarkson. It is a very good picture of who is running things down at city hall. I believe there is even a $500 donation from the Sigerman campaign for Council. And money from Hunt and Harper. Keep track of who steps up to the trough when the spigot is turned on.

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