Kerrville jumped into the next phase of the annual street maintenance program this week, with roads all across Kerrville slated to be closed over the next few weeks.

 The city’s contractor, Intermountain Slurry Seal Inc. began the slurry seal treatment, which involves spreading an asphalt and aggregate mixture on the street surface to provide a protective coating that extends the pavement’s life.

Slurry seal work is scheduled to occur in the next few weeks on portions of the following roads:


Antler Drive North

Crider Street North

Gloucester Court North

Leslie Drive North

Mae Drive North

Quinlan Street North

Ridge Drive North

Spike Street North

Airport Loop North

Ridge Drive North

Riverhill Blvd East

Riverside Drive

Scarlet Drive East

Toscana Way

Birkdale Spur East

Deerwood Drive East

Burleson Blvd North

Comanche Trace Drive East

Fairview Drive North

Bluebell Road North

Pershing Avenue North

Jefferson Street North

Lake Drive North

W Main Street North

W Schreiner Street North

E Davis Street North

Lois Street North

Creekside Drive West

Crestwood Drive North

Lake Drive North

Forest Ridge Drive North

S Lewis Avenue South

Jefferson Drive North

W Main Drive North

Surber Street South

Tivy Street North

Bulwer Avenue North

Moore Street North

Wheless Avenue North

Clay Street North

Linda Joy Street North

Olympic Drive North

Ross Street North

4th Street North

Tomahawk Trail North

Bridle Path North

Water Street East

 As a notice to users of these streets, wet slurry seal can stick and stain. Walking or driving on wet slurry seal can leave unsightly tracks on the road, cause the road material to stick to shoes, car tires and finishes, and stain sidewalks and driveways. Do not drive or walk on slurry seal until Intermountain Slurry Seal Inc., has removed all barricades and traffic cones.

 According to a city press release, extending pavement’s life is a key component of the city’s Streets Maintenance Program, adopted in 2015 with the goal of better maintaining streets to preserve their condition in hopes of avoiding costly rebuilds the future.

 The maintenance procedure is funded through the streets division’s operating budget, approved by the Kerrville City Council.

 More information about the city’s street maintenance program can be found at

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Congratulations to the city of Kerrville. This is the type of work which should be in the forefront of our leaders thinking and planning. I am glad to see there is still some interest in our streets.

Mary Lou Shelton

total agreement. Gene

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